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Rules for Return

Rules for Return & Replacement

  1. Request to return for refund or replacement must be raised within 7 calendar days of delivery of the product at My Orders page.
  2. Products may be rejected for return if they are not returned as per the conditions mentioned above. Products may also be rejected for return (for refund or replacement) if sent directly to the Seller by you without our approval for the same, in which case you waive any and all claims against Aditya Retail Store.
  3. If the product received does not pass the verification and checks, the product shall be shipped back to you.
  4. Refund/replacement shall be issued to you only after the product is received and verification of the same.
  5. Replacement is subject to availability of the product (size, colour, etc.) and is limited to one request.
  6. In case the replacement product is out of stock, a refund shall be initiated.
  7. If the price of the replacement product is lower than the amount paid by you originally, a partial refund will be issued to you provided.
  8. Products with passwords/locks should be returned unlocked/disabled.
  9. Products that store personal information should be returned after deleting all personal information. Aditya Retail Store not be responsible in any manner for any misuse or usage of such information.
  10. Products sold as combos/sets cannot be replaced or returned individually.
  11. Products should be carefully packaged so that there is no damage during transit.
  12. Largemart shall not be responsible for the products returned by mistake. In circumstances where a product not belonging to the Seller or transacted through Largemart is returned by mistake, Largemart or the Seller shall not be accountable for misplacement or replacement of the product and shall not responsible for its delivery back to the you. You waive any and all claims against Largemart in this regard.